Personalized Care

At Companion Care Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care, we honor the faith pet parents put in us by striving to improve our practice in ways both big and small. We believe in learning something new every day and passing that knowledge on to you so that you feel empowered to take the lead in your pet’s life. Getting to play a part in your best friend’s life journey is a privilege we don’t take lightly. Regardless of where your pet is on that journey, you can count on us to be here every step of the way.

From the Beginning

Meet Our Team

Dr. Michalena Satowski, our Companion Care veterinarian, has a background in biology and zoology, as well as oncology and rescue work. She and the rest of our highly trained team have made caring for animals their life’s mission. Never content with the status quo, we’re always working to improve our practice and our approach to veterinary medicine. When you choose us, you’re choosing excellence.

The Bark of the Town

The Bark of The Town

Our experience with Companion Care has been nothing short of outstanding. From the front office, administrative, billing, and all the business aspects, CC has been extremely professional, accurate, timely, and transparent. Always making sure it’s OK to charge our card, providing written estimates on request, and receipts promptly upon payment. But, of course, that’s the business side, and our two cats – Harry and Sylvester – could care less about that! What they do care about is the loving care they get from the moment they arrive at Companion Care. There’s no trepidation because they know they’ll be treated with the same love and affection as we give them. The staff are so friendly and tell us how they enjoy caring for our 2 guys. But, of course, the most important aspect of Companion Care is Dr. Michalena Satowski, and her medical team, who quickly diagnosed our little Harry with an IBD that had been bothering him for years. She ordered an Ultrasound that revealed the area of irritation, and put Harry on some meds that enabled him to eat normally for the first time in years. He’s still doing great, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Satowski and her team. I could not write a more positive recommendation for Companion Care. We trust them, our cats trust and love them, and they return our trust with wonderful care.

Andra C.

My pets have been cared for over a 13-year span by Dr Satowski and staff. My Sheltie was given one more year of comfortable life where no others would try. My present two (10 and 12 yrs) have been with C.C. since puppies. Dr.S loves her furry clients and explains all her findings in great detail, never appears hurried. She has picked her staff accordingly. The name of this clinic should be "Compassion Care." Thank you all for your wonderful service???? 

Liliana C

Companion Care has been the best vet office I've ever been to and the only one I've stuck with. They probably saved my dog's life on one occasion when she had pancreatitis. When my dog passed away they sent me a really nice card that they all signed. Good people, don't overcharge, and are very caring.

Melanie M

Wonderful, caring, and patient staff and doctor. They are always willing to answer questions and are extra gentle with my older dog. A bit pricey, but you get excellent service and support. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and doesn't recommend things that aren't truly necessary. It's obvious she cares about her patients (and their owners).

T. T.